It’s about service, not wealth, lawyers told

Given Lubinda.

MINISTER of Justice Given Lubinda says being a lawyer is about serving people and not accumulating wealth.
Mr Lubinda said this when he addressed newly-graduated law students from the Zambian Open University at a gala dinner at Nakatindi Hall in Lusaka on Friday.

“Your profession is not necessarily about accumulating wealth, your profession is about serving people,” he said.
Mr Lubinda also advised lawyers not to defend wrong-doers for an extra cheque, but to help them reform.
“Your career is called noble, not by accident. It is noble because when you attend to a matter, there is justice. You are the purveyors of justice,” he said.
Mr Lubinda also said lawyers ought to be knowledgeable in various other fields for them to excel in their career.
He urged lawyers to specialise, saying being a lawyer without grounding in another field will sooner render them redundant.
“Time has come for us to realise that society wants specialised lawyers. Go out there and pursue specialisation,” he said.  
He added: “You are called learned not by accident. You are called learned because society expects you to understand not only the law but to understand the society in which the law is applied.”
And Mr Lubinda said as Minister of Justice, he will protect the legal profession from quacks.
 “As your minister responsible for Justice for the time being – I don’t know how long that time will be – I take it as my responsibility on behalf of the 15 million living Zambians that the Zambian legal fraternity is protected from quacks,” he said.
He said it would be a let-down of society if “we allow the entrance of ill-qualified persons to practise this noble career”.
Mr Lubinda paid tribute to Zambian Open University founding chairperson Professor Dickson Mwansa.
He said when Prof. Mwansa conceived the idea of a private university years ago, many people thought it would not work, and yet the institution has now become an important part of the education system in Zambia.


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