Letter to the Editor

Issue timely and accurate statements, please

Dear editor,
I WRITE to implore those in leadership to always endeavour to make correct and sure statements to inform the general citizenry so that they make correct

and timely decisions.
Not too long ago when UNZA students rioted for delayed payment of food and accommodation allowances, there was general information that Government had released the money.
It is, however, unexplained that two weeks down the line, the students’ accounts are still dry without the money; meaning the information was incorrect.
Much as the statement defused the riotous situation at UNZA, it put parents in awkward situations who otherwise thought their children or/ and spouses had received the money, yet not.
It is for this reason that I implore those vested with information dissemination to issue timely, right and correct information so that the people it is intended for are helped to make correct and timely decisions, too.

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