Letter to the Editor

Issue of fees in government schools may create conflict

Dear editor,
THE Ministry of General Education did well during the 2019 examinations as there were no leakages. However, I have an appeal to Minister David Mabumba.
The issue of fees in government schools may create a conflict between teachers and parents. Recently, the minister was on air announcing the non-increase from K200, no learner should be asked to bring reams of paper, toilet tissues and so on and so forth.
This sounds good but on the ground it is not applicable.
It seems school authorities, in conjunction with Parents and Teachers Associations (PTAs) committees, have found a leeway in this catch phrase: Schools should apply if they have projects.
Schools have just opened and learners, especially grades 10 and 8, are being asked to bring the above, pay project fees, identity cards, etc.
The question is, when did the schools apply or are the schools simply taking advantage of the fact that parents cannot ask for the approval?
It is my hope that this matter shall be put straight to avoid a conflict of interest.

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