Israeli medical team screens more than 1,000

ABOUT 1,000 Kitwe residents have so far accessed free medical services being provided by an Israeli non-governmental organisation called Rescuers Without Borders

(RWB) which started the exercise on Monday.
RWB is conducting the free medical services in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.
RWB co-ordinator Myriam Akiva is impressed with the overwhelming response by Kitwe residents to the call for free medical check-ups.
Ms Akiva said yesterday that between 500 and 600 people were screened on the first day alone while 250 were seen by press time yesterday.
And counsellor at the Zambian embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, Brighton Litula, who is leading a team of doctors and support staff who are providing medical services at Chimwemwe Secondary School grounds, said the crew is screening children for eye defects and giving corrective lenses where necessary.
Mr Litula said the group is targeting to issue at least 400 reading or corrective lenses mainly to school-going children.
He said this is because sight challenges affect the performance of pupils at school and that reading glasses can improve the situation.
Mr Litula said the group is also doing general medical screening of people of different ages in addition to training nurses, police officers, firefighters and teachers in first aid to enable them promptly respond to emergencies.
And Dr Tendai Mwale of Kitwe Teaching Hospital who is one of the Zambian doctors working with the Israeli team cited hypertension, diabetes and general body pains to be among the most prevalent complaints from people visiting the screening site so far.
Dr Mwale said general body pains are mostly prevalent among the elderly whose muscles are wearing out.
She said some of the people visiting the site have already been attended to at the hospital but that they are still looking for hope and second opinions.

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