Is beauty about slender bodies, 6 pack?

FROM left: First Princess Doria Mushota, Miss Copperbelt University (CBU) 2014 Petronella Mwanamainda, Miss Personality Janine Vlahakis and Second Princess Musasa Muleya during the Miss CBU 2014 beauty contest at Club VIP in Kitwe last weekend.


WE ARE living in a world where humanity has amplified certain features on a human body to signify beauty. If, as an individual, you do not possess any of those, you begin to suffer low-esteem problems, and Hollywood hasn’t made it any easier for people. The movies showcase slender actresses (some who are suffering from anorexia) and men with a six pack. Viewers are constantly bombarded with television programmes with men and women visiting surgeons to do away with vital assets such as a big hip and big bust, all of which are appreciated on this side of the globe.
The fashion industry is also just as guilty of depressing society as it depicts beauty to be a woman with no fat at all and who wears size zero. This is a breeding ground for insecurity as some people are now uncomfortable in their own skin.
Therefore, some wish they were taller, others shorter or fair-skinned, while others desire more beard, well-aligned teeth, larger or smaller breasts and no belly fat.
I have observed that women are affected the most when it comes to CLICK TO READ MORE

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