Iris the ‘War Veteran’

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IRIS Kaingu may not be the Duchess of Sussex, but certainly her attempt to jump the queue ahead of war veterans to meet Prince Harry has made her one, at least as long as people’s memory of the recent visit by the Duke of Sussex lasts.
Needless to say, Iris did not have to be Meghan Markle, but her stunning look on the occasion of the Prince’s visit to Burma Barracks for an event to commemorate those who fought in the World War I made everyone in the hood to wonder what she was up to.
It’s been a while since people heard from Iris, and obviously to see her re-appear at a time when everyone was talking about World War I and not bodypainting was a big surprise.
Of course, people have not forgotten what initially made them know her and induct her into the Socialite Hall of Fame.
Yes, some people become famous for kicking the ball, others become famous for being good dancers, yet Iris became famous for having a roll in the hay.
I guess even the war veterans could see through her intentions, except that they couldn’t tell Prince Harry long after she had been asked to leave by military personnel that she was once a student at Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS).
Maybe this is the reason why Meghan Markle was reportedly afraid of the Zika virus.
If the Prince asked about what Iris did while at ZCAS, the war veterans would just say: “She is the woman who fired the last shot during World War I.”
You would excuse the war veterans for beating about the bush and choosing not to give details about Iris’ past because they mind their own business.
After all, they say everyone has his past, just like the war veterans were also trying to relive their past in the presence of Prince Harry.
But while the war veterans’ past was being relived 100 years later, Iris’ past is more recent, which is why some people in the hood say she is a veteran in her own way.
Perhaps this is the reason why she was asked to leave Burma Barracks by the military because the commemoration was not about her past.
Besides, who would want her to entice the war veterans to paint their past experiences during the war on her body?
Imagine the war veterans bodypainting Iris and later inviting the visitor to come and see where the cartridge of the last bullet shot during World War I fell?
But one thing is sure, they know that war and pleasure don’t mix, especially when they wanted people in the hood to understand that the last bullet during the war was really fired in Mbala, although no video went viral about it.
Iris Kaingu should have known that Burma Barracks was not the right place to look at Prince Harry with interested attention, although the Duke of Sussex did not come to Zambia with his pregnant wife Meghan Markle.
I guess, for the army, security had to come first, not that they were afraid that Iris might sexually harass the Prince, but due to the fact that no-one can enter any military cantonment without being invited.
Though gate-crashing at any event in the hood is rife, Iris couldn’t be allowed without an invitation to enter the event, particularly that it did not concern her past.
Well, maybe Iris had to do what she did in order to hype Prince Harry’s visit, and authorities didn’t just see it that way.
Her striking look in that dress, which almost made her appear like Meghan Markle’s replacement, should have refreshed war veterans’ memories about WWI.
If she was a threat to the security of the Prince, it was a different matter, after all we have seen elsewhere multitudes of people parade to welcome and have an opportunity to see the Prince as was the case with his recent visit to Australia, Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga and New Zealand with his wife.
However, given her disappointment at Burma Barracks, it would not be surprising to hear that she has started commemorating her own past, if war veterans think that she should not attend their events when Prince Harry visits again in future.
But love her or hate her, Iris made herself look like the Duchess of Sussex, if not a war veteran, although it meant her being turned away for fear she might run away with the Prince and leave the war veterans wondering if it was anything to do with the missing last bullet fired during World War I.

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