Investments cheer Masaiti residents

PRESIDENT Lungu during the ground-breaking ceremony of the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines - Investment Holding cement plant in Masaiti yesterday. SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE

MASAITI residents have commended Government for creating an enabling environment for investors to set up companies which are creating jobs

for the local people.
ZCCM-Investment Holdings (ZCCM-IH) and China Machinery Industry Construction Group (Sinoconst) have entered into a joint venture to set up a Central Africa Cement plant in Masaiti which will be the biggest in Zambia when it is completed.
The plant is also expected to create 4,000 jobs when fully operational.
And Neelkanth Cable Limited, which is currently operating at 40 percent capacity with 180 workers, will have over 400 employees when it starts operating at full capacity.
Speaking yesterday after President Lungu laid a foundation stone for the construction of the plant, which will produce 5,000 metric tonnes of cement per day, 38-year-old Mulenga Mulilo said he is happy that the local people will benefit from the jobs at the cement plant.
About 1,000 employment opportunities are expected to be created during the construction period and the number of jobs will rise to 4,000 when the plant becomes fully operational.
“The government is opening a cement plant, because it wants to improve the country’s economy and it is also going to employ us,” Mr Mulilo said.
“It is our hope that women, youths and our husbands will be considered for employment,” said 27-year-old Patricia Mutale, a Masaiti resident.
“The people of Masaiti should be considered first for employment. This is a good thing the government has done.”
The construction of the cement plant, which will also have two 20 megawatts coal power plants is expected to be completed in three years.
And a contractor in Ndola has said the coming of Neelkanth Cable Limited is a welcome development as it will be manufacturing good quality cables for companies in the construction industry.
Kaplov Trading and Contracting Limited director Felix Kapwenge said the cable-manufacturing firm is bringing a wide range of products and competition on the market.

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