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‘Investment in women’s education key’

FOUNDER of the Women’s University in Africa Hope Sadza has called for investment in women’s education because women are an integral part of development.
Professor Sadza who is also the Vice -Chancellor said in an interview recently that everyone should encourage women going to get an education.
“It is important that African governments make it their core business to invest more money in women’s education because they are critical in the development of any nation,’’ she said.
Professor Sadza said Africa can only get rid of poverty when women are educated.
She said women can contribute positively to the nation once they are educated.
Professor Sadza said issues such as maternal mortality and maternal morbidity will be a thing of the past once women are educated.
She said she decided to open a university that focuses on women’s education after observing that many women are struggling to make ends meet.
Professor Sadza said the African Women’s University, whose headquarters are in Zimbabwe, has students from other African countries including Zambia.
“If women are educated in the area of agriculture, they will be able, earn an income which will be used to develop their respective countries,’’ she said.

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