‘Investment in agricultural value chain key to success’

THE Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) says Zambia needs to increase investment in the agricultural value chain to enhance access to mechanisation and improve production for smallholder farmers beyond the coronavirus era.
AGRA, which is aimed at catalysing and sustaining inclusive agricultural transformation in Africa, recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Government to improve smallholder farmers’ yields and income.
AGRA states that COVID-19 has worsened existing challenges in terms of supply and access to key agricultural inputs such as seeds, fertiliser and agrochemicals.
According to AGRA’s latest synthesis report on Africa, there is need for African governments to institute favourable trade policies which will increase the import of farming machinery where there is no local capacity to manufacture them.
“Therefore, there is a huge role for governments to plan in creating this enabling environment for these models to be easily accessed by smallholder farmers to increase production and resilience to climate shocks and CLICK TO READ MORE

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