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Intruders on Choma Central police land

SQUATTERS have allegedly encroached on Choma Central Police Station land, where they are building houses, Southern Province commissioner of police Mary Chikwanda has said.
Ms Chikwanda said yesterday that police have instituted investigations into the alleged illegal allocation of Choma Central Police Station land to residents.
“Our land at the Central Police Station has been encroached on and we have instituted investigations into the matter so that we can have more evidence. We have requested the Land Surveyor’s Office for a map for the same area and we shall thereafter take the next course of action,” Ms Chikwanda said.
Ms Chikwanda said the land is reserved for the construction of police houses.
“Once we conclude our investigations, those who are building there, including the people who sold the land to them, will face the wrath of the law,” Ms Chikwanda said.
An on-the-spot check by Zambia Daily Mail crew yesterday found some people busy constructing houses, some of which are nearing completion.
Government, through the Ministry of Home Affairs, recently constituted a task force on illegal allocation and acquisition of land.

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