Installation of Luanshya irrigation system on

water irrigation of potato field on sunny day

INSTALLATION of the US$1.4 million massive centre pivot irrigation system by Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS) is on course with 80 percent of works done in Luanshya.
The World Bank-funded project being undertaken is aimed at boosting the agriculture sector.

Luanshya district commissioner Joel Chibuye said in an interview on Friday that the project is progressing well and that once completed it is expected to contribute significantly to food security and reduce further prices of mealie-meal.
“As Government, we are putting up a massive pivot centre irrigation system at Chitwe Correction Service, which will be under the ZCS, at a cost of US$1.4 million,” he said.
Mr Chibuye said the project comprises four centre pivots, which are installed to irrigate 310 hectares.
He, however, said the construction of the dam and extension of a two-kilometre power line to the dam is what has remained to be done.
Mr Chibuye said a crop expected to be grown under irrigation is mainly maize as it is ideal to support milling plants owned by ZCS for production of mealie-meal for inmates and commercial purposes.
The World Bank has disbursed US$4.1 million to support the programme in four districts.
Under the programme, there will be the installation of four centre pivots to irrigate 310 hectares of land in Luanshya’s Kafubu farm block, six centre pivots in Kabwe to irrigate 500 hectares, four pivots in Serenje and two centre pivots in Mpika to irrigate 130 hectares.


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