‘My inspiration comes from God’

Nalukui Mutumwa Lubasi

SHE is a young woman on a mission not only to better herself but to spread knowledge to young people seeking to find purpose and direction for their lives.
At 26, unlike other young women, Nalukui Mutumwa Lubasi has purpose and direction for her life and armed with education, she is determined that nothing will stand in her way to achieving her dreams.
Growing up as an only girl in a family of three, Nalukui always longed to have sisters and other females besides her mother with whom to share experiences with so she took to writing as a way of unwinding.
“Besides my mother, I grew up surrounded by boys and no sisters, but I wished for opportunities where I could have had sisters around to share experiences with. Somehow, I felt that if I had that, I would not have gone through certain things because I would have had someone to openly talk to,” she said.
Born in Livingstone on February 5 1989, Nalukui said she spent most of her early childhood in the tourist capital before relocating to Nottingham in England where she completed her high school.
After high school, Nalukui enrolled for her Bachelor Degree in Law and completed in 2012. Immediately after obtaining her law degree, Nalukui enrolled for her Masters in Human Resource Management.
In February 2015, Nalukui relocated back to Zambia and applied at the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) but was advised to do fuller courses before she could enrol.
“I completed my courses and was eventually enrolled. Now I am currently working for Isaacs and Partners as a learner legal practitioner. Everything, I am working towards in my life has been because I have always believed in myself. I believe in women empowerment and that is how I became a motivational speaker,” she said.
According to Nalukui, her teenage years were her most formative period for her as she tried to find herself. She found God when she was between 16 and 17 years old and that decision brought purpose in her life.
“Everything had new meaning. Each time I went to church, I was inspired and motivated so I started to share with people on social media Bible verses and scriptures. I found that to be an easy way to motivate others because I also had a personal relationship with God,” she said.
Nalukui also started reading motivational books on how to build self-confidence, women empowerment, education and careers for women. Everything she learnt, Nalukui said she put in practice and shared with her growing followers and fans on Facebook and Twitter.
With her growing fan base, Nalukui started her motivational talks which promote womanhood wholeness and wellness. Her motivational talks are focused on creating a more focused, ambitious and motivated generation of young women who value themselves.
“As women, we sometimes go through a lot of challenges. But sometimes it is important to understand that we also need to take responsibility of some of the challenges because they are as a result of our bad choices. We need to value ourselves and stop blaming other people for our mistakes.
We need to look at ourselves and ask questions about the path that you have chosen for yourself,” Nalukui said.
Nalukui, who has been a motivational speaker for the past seven years, has been invited to speak at various conferences and seminars. She has also been featured on radio and television over her ‘Womanhood wholeness and wellness’ motivational talks.
She also conducts training for young women on careers paths and women empowerment. One of such conferences was the ‘Pretty on Purpose’ event which was held for women to discuss career paths, educations as well provided an opportunity for women to mingle and share life experiences.
“It is important for us as young women and just women in general to want the best for ourselves. We must be principled, focused, determined and be willing to sacrifice in order to achieve our goals,” Nalukui said.
An active blogger, Nalukui said it is also important for women to help each other and for those with the knowledge to be ready to share when approached.
“We are not in a competition, as women we must be ready and willing to help each other and embrace each other’s success as opposed to wanting to pull each other down. There is room for everyone to excel in whatever area one chooses.
As an individual, I am always ready and willing to help other women when I am approached because what I want for myself, I desire for other young women as well,” she said.
Nalukui, whose first motivational book is expected to be published in February 2016, confidently describes herself as ‘high quality woman,’ said what sets her apart from other motivational speakers is the fact that she has a solid relationship with God.
“My inspiration comes from God. He is the one who guides my life. I don’t just talk about things I don’t do, I walk the talk. When I talk about young women valuing yourself; it is because I have known what it means to place value on yourself. Everything I do in my life is detected by my Christian values and that is what I share with other women,” she said.
For fun, Nalukui said she enjoys reading, watching movies and outdoor activities such as swimming and game drives.

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