Letter to the Editor

Inspect quality of roadworks

Dear editor,
I HAVE observed with concern the quality of some road works going on in Lusaka is not up to scratch.
Some roads like Munali have incomplete portions. In some parts, the road is in layers and there are patches all over.
To say the least the road looked even better before works were done because it was all smooth and neat despite being narrow.
Apparently the contractors seem to have left the scene and it is not known whether or when they will come back if at all they are supposed to.
Let those charged with the responsibility of monitoring these roadworks take their job seriously. Government is spending a lot of money on these roadworks. There is need to get value for the taxpayers’ money being spent. The contractors should be put to task to do a good job.
We expect all roads under construction to be fully completed without any patches of gravel and layers of tarmac.
I fear that with the rainy season, some of these roads will end up being damaged starting from the patches.
It should also be noted that construction of roads should add beauty to the city. However those patches and layers I have seen on some roads do not add any beauty at all.
I do not think that, even if the roadworks were to be done in phases, that’s how it should be done.
The contractors should do a complete and perfect job on the portion constructed without creating a mess.
The contractor builds on to cover more radiuses while enhancing the beauty of the area.
But for some contractors their work seems to be haphhazard without a systematic plan, thereby creating a messy scenario.

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