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Inonge Wina commends Angola


VICE-PRESIDENT Inonge Wina has commended the Angolan government for putting in place a successful social protection system that  re-integrates people that were once in conflict.
Mrs Wina said Angola has done a lot in the area of social protection because Zambia had a large in-flow of refugees from Angola.
She was speaking in Lusaka when Angolan minister of Social Assistance and Re-integration Joao Baptista Kussumua and his delegation paid a courtesy call on her yesterday.
“Your country had to resettle the people …some of whom came with disabilities from the conflict,” Mrs Wina said.
She said the re-integration programme that Angola undertook was successfully implemented, which   Zambia can learn from.
The Vice-President also commended Angola for successfully implementing the programmes in the demobilisation of young people, men and women who were in the army and, in some cases, the rebels.
She said Angola has been able to unite its people with their colleagues, friends and relatives and now there is harmony in Angola, a record that Zambia is very proud of.
“Because of the historical perspective in both countries, we still have large populations of people still living in poverty and these are the issues of common interest that we can look at and see how we can learn from each other,” Mrs Wina said.
She said the regular visits and exchanges between the two countries are held in high esteem by Government because they enhance the relations of the two countries.
And Mr Kussumua thanked Mrs Wina for the hospitality.
Mr Kussumua said Angola and Zambia have historical relations and that it is important that the two countries co-operate in their development agendas.
Earlier, Mr Kussumua toured UTH and Beit Cure.
“We have visited University Teaching Hospital (UTH) school of children with special needs and Beit Cure, where operations of children that are disabled from all over the country are done,” he said.
Mr Kussumua said the visit is aimed at strengthening the bilateral relations between the two countries and also see the sectors in which to collaborate.
He pledged to support physically-challenged Zambian children.
“The Angolan government will contribute in supporting children in special schools and hospitals because their social security system is vulnerable,” Mr Kussumua said.
He said Government should ensure that children with special needs have access to education and good health care services to feel loved and supported by the nation.
Mr Kussumua said Angola and Zambia are in talks to sign a memorandum of understanding to ensure practical implementation and quick responses to the plight of the physically-challenged in Zambia.


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