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innovative 16-yr-old excels in entrepreneurship

MOYA Mukabe, 16, has been awarded for her excellent performance in financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills.
The award entails that Ms Mukabe, who has been certified to possess financial literacy skills and knowledge, will be incorporated into a team of young mentees who will offer lessons, and capacity building training in many courses, among them, short entrepreneurship skills.
She is a worthy recipient because from the time she was drafted into the Girls Money Savvy programme focused on empowering young girls from vulnerable households with entrepreneurship skills, and financial literacy, Ms Mukabe has, according to her mentors, developed knowledge that allows her to make informed and effective decisions with her finances.
She has since started a business, utilising e-trading and marketing through facebook, selling assorted merchandise comprising lipstick, lip-gloss, and girls and boys ware, among others.
“I am still thinking of what career to settle for when I complete my secondary education. But one thing I know is that I will continue nurturing my business so that I become an entrepreneur also,” Ms Mukabe says.
Her seven months training has paid off because she no longer asks for money from her parents whenever she is in need.
She manages to buy certain personal requirements such as books, lotion, underwear and sanitary towels.
Monica Mwawa is another girl who has benefited from the lifestyle, entrepreneurship and financial literacy training offered by the Girls Money Savvy organisation.
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