‘Innovation can contribute to food security’

THE Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) says innovation has the potential to contribute to the development of a sustainable food and farming systems.

PACRA chairperson Mpazi Sinjela said modernisation plays an important role in improving people’s livelihoods by turning problems into progress and success stories.
Mr Sinjela said this at the World day Intellectual Property (IP) under the theme, ‘Innovation-Improving lives to acknowledge the importance of IP and its off-shoots of innovation and creativity’ last week.
“With the current changes in weather patterns, innovation is the key to developing sustainable food and farming systems,” he said.
The benefit of innovation include the emergence of more resistant, higher yielding seeds that can withstand climatic extremes such as drought and floods.
Mr Sinjela said there has been an increase in productivity in farming and husbandry practices among small-scale and commercial farmers due to modernisation thereby, having better, more efficient and sustainable use of natural resources and food wastage reduction.
“Innovation is making our lives healthier, safer and more comfortable, turning problems into progress and success stories,” he said.
On the impact of innovation on information and communication technologies (ICT), Mr Sinjela said it has brought about immense benefits like platforms like Zoona, a mobile phone-based money transfer system.
He said the system has demonstrated what can be achieved with innovation, which has made it possible for millions of people who would otherwise not have been eligible to hold a bank account to transfer and receive money.


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