Letter to the Editor

Influx of street kids at Kabwe Shoprite

THE increase in street kids at the entrance and exit points of Shoprite in Kabwe is very worrisome.
These street kids are now following customers at the tills to ask for favours. Customers are no longer safe as some items just bought can easily be snatched as one exits the supermarket.
Furthermore, customers must be discouraged from offering alms to these street kids. Giving these children money discourages them from going to school. In Kabwe we have a lot of community schools which are offering quality education for free.
Buyantanshi Open Community School is less than a kilometre from Shoprite and has well trained and qualified teachers employed by the Government. We need to encourage these kids to go to such schools as a lasting solution than giving them alms. Street kids are a time bomb.
They will graduate into hard-core criminals if we do not look into their welfare.

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