‘Indecent dressing scapegoat for defilers, rapists’

MNISTER of Gender Nkandu Luo says “indecent dressing” is just a scapegoat perpetrators use to commit sexual and gender-based violence in communities.
Prof Luo said even if women dressed decently, defilement, rape and other indecent assaults would still continue in communities.
“Just recently, there was a report of an old woman who was raped by a young man, and children who are in diapers are today victims of defilement. So are you saying it was a result of indecent dressing? It is important that we focus on the vices so that we can put an end to it,” Prof said.
Prof Luo was responding to a question by senior chief Musele of the Lunda people in Kalumbila district, who wanted to find out what Government is doing to ensure that indecent dressing is prohibited as it contributes to high cases of rape and defilement.
This was during a HeforShe forum for traditional leaders in North-Western Province yesterday.
The HeforShe campaign is a global programme aimed at ensuring that men and women become equal partners in national development.
Prof Luo said traditional leaders are key change-agents in the attainment of gender equality and equity in the country.
She said President Lungu, who is the champion for HeforShe programme in Zambia, attaches great importance to gender equality and has since appointed many women in decision-making positions.
In 2014, President Edgar Lungu was appointed the champion for HeforShe by the United Nations women global movement based on his commitment to empowering more women with key decision-making positions in Government.

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