Increased crop yield cheers East commerce, industry


THE Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EPCCI) is happy that the region is expected to record a crop yield increase of 60,000 tonnes this farming season.
The province is expected to harvest about 660,000 metric tonnes of maize compared to 600,000 tonnes recorded last year.
Last Week, Eastern Province permanent secretary Chanda Kasolo said the maize crop harvest for Eastern Province is expected to increase by 10 percent from last year’s 600,000 metric tonnes recorded.
This has elated EPPCI executive officer Kennedy Mumba, who said the anticipated 10 percent increase in this year’s bumper harvest will boost business and increase the economy of the province.
“The anticipated bumper harvest means that from 600,000 metric tonnes harvested last year, the crop yield will increase by 60,000 tonnes, which is good as it will bring more money to the province,” he said.
Mr Mumba said the area will have enough maize for the locals and surplus to export giving farmers more money in their pockets.
Mr Mumba, however, said Government should ensure not all maize is exported to avoid importing the same grain, after producing the bumper harvest.
He said farmers should also ensure they keep some maize for consumption as opposed to selling everything.
Mr Mumba said it is not wise for farmers to harvest more but later ask for relief maize from Government.
He said farmers should first be food-secure at household level and should restrain themselves from selling everything to avoid hunger.
He urged Traditional leaders to ensure their subjects are food secure at house hold level.

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