Letter to the Editor

Increased crime wave in Lusaka worrying

Dear editor,
THE escalating crime in most residential areas in Lusaka is worrying and security must be enhanced to avert the scourge.
There is hardly a day you cannot hear about burglary cases and murder cases being committed in the residential areas.
The young boys commonly known as junky and fluffy terrorise the unsuspecting members of society. When people are attacked, they are robbed of money and other valuables such as phones.
Given the above scenario, there is therefore need for the police to intensify security in the crime-prone areas especially the slums such as Chainda, Kanyama, John Laing, Misisi and George, among others.
Simply put, crime is counterproductive and it should not be condoned. It must be fought relentlessly by all concerned citizens.
In this regard, members of society must report all suspected criminal elements to the nearest police posts and police stations. Punitive measures must be taken against the culprits upon being convicted. This includes long-term jail sentence.
Just last Friday, this author lost a Samsung Galaxy smartphone through criminal activity as thieves opened the window to my bedroom in the early hours and stole my gadget which was on charge on a table beside my bed.
I reported the matter at Town Centre Police Post as Mwembeshi Police Post in Lilanda West Extension commonly called Zingalume is non-operational.
This police post was gutted by some irate residents in 2015 during the ritual murders which were rife at the time. My case is in the hands of the police and it is being investigated to track down the culprits who stole my gadget.
Crime is also rife in other towns across the country.
This is unacceptable because crime compromises peace of the people in society.
In my aforegone conclusion, let me hasten to mention here that the high crime wave in Lusaka and the country at large is a source of concern and surely something must be done to avert the scourge.
To achieve this, there is need for people and the police to work together and now is the right time.

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