Letter to the Editor

In Zambia, golf clubs cannot be sustained by golf alone

Dear editor,
IN ALL fairness we need to adopt Chipata Golf Club as a national heritage site, being the oldest golf club in Zambia.We must find investors to look at revamping the golf course with good water supply to modernise fairways and greens while preserving the clubhouse, with its old style design but with cleaned-up surroundings.
Golf tourism should begin in Chipata. Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu needs our support to make this happen. Already, good things have started.
With that done, we can be having one of the biggest corporate golf days there every year before the Nc’wala traditional ceremony.
Trust me, we have enough resources and minds.
Actually all golf clubs need to be encouraged to get into some sort of development.
In Zambia, golf clubs cannot be sustained by golf alone.
Therefore they need to utilise their biggest asset, which is land. We have a good prototype in Ndola Golf Club. Let others copy shamelessly.

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