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Importance of accepting your body

AS ZAMBIA joins the rest of the world to commemorate International Women’s Day (IWD), PhatPhab, a network of plus size women, will tell stories of the importance of accepting one’s body size.
PhatPhab chief executive officer Lungowe Simbotwe said in a statement that her organisation wants to encourage other overweight women to press for progress.
“We had a photo session with incredible women to tell each individual’s story through pictures to inspire and motivate the next woman battling to accept their body size.”
The pictures will portray body positivity, confidence, loving oneself and how one can be a better entrepreneur.
Ms Simbotwe said the stories they have been telling since March 1 are in commemoration of IWD. The eight women have been telling their stories through social media platforms.
“This year we have tapped into the global theme “Press for progress”. Individually, we are one drop but together we are an ocean. We at PhatPhab are committed to a gender parity mindset via progressive action. Let’s all collaborate to accelerate gender parity,’’ she said.
The women are Becky Ngoma, Alice Chileshe, Lissy Yambayamba, Lorraine Laiza Katongo, Susan Mwape, Naomi Muchemwa, Lisa Kaunda, Linda Chikwakwa and Ms Simbotwe herself.
Ms Simbotwe said the eight women believe achievement comes in many forms, hence the need to value women’s individual and collective success.
She said the women want to ensure credit is given for women’s contributions, celebrate women role models and their journeys and support awards showcasing women’s success.
Ms Simbotwe said every woman has a story, every woman is unique though we never get to hear some stories.

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