I’m your servant – Lungu

PRESIDENT Lungu (in hat) with North-Western Province Minister Richard Kapita when the President inspected the Chingola-Solwezi road which is being rehabilitated. Picture: EDDIE MWANALEZA/ STATE HOUSE

PRESIDENT Lungu says he has a job to work for the people of Zambia and develop the nation.
President Lungu said he has realised that North-Western Province is among the least developed provinces in the country and wants to change the status quo.
Speaking on arrival at Solwezi Airport yesterday, President Lungu said he wants to work for the people to ensure that development is spread across the country even in areas where they did not vote for him.
“Somebody at the airport in Lusaka was asking me,  ‘what are you going to do in North-Western’, I told him, North-Western Province is part of Zambia and Zambia is my constituency, so what are you asking me?
“What you need to know is there is one Zambia, one nation and there is only one leader,  and that is me. So, whether you voted for me or you didn’t vote for me, I am not bothered,” he said.
President Lungu said his job is to work for the people of Zambia irrespective of where they live.
“I have a job to work for the people of Zambia, that’s my job to work for the people of Zambia wherever they are. And I realised that North-Western Province is one of the three least developed provinces in this country.
It is not your fault, it is not my fault, but we are working together because I have decided to work for the people of Zambia and we have work to do,” President Lungu said.
He said he does not want to go down into history as a leader who failed to develop the province.
“I will not go into history to find out why Western, North-Western and Luapula provinces are the least developed. I will not and that is not the reason why am here; I’m here to work, so those of you who want to work with me, please come on board, let us work,” he said.
President Lungu called on the people in the province to work together with his administration to foster development in the region.
“Those who don’t want to work, please give us space we want to work, whether you supported me or you didn’t. If you want to work with me, you are welcome but if you are sleeping and dreaming that we are still campaigning, we will let you go on sleeping and dreaming,” he said.
President Lungu said he has realised that in Zambia after voting people still get back to campaigns.
“Me as a winner, I am here to work and am going to work and one of the things am going to work on is the Solwezi-Chingola road that a is priority road,” he said.
He said he wants to ensure that North-Western Province is connected to the rest of the country with a good road network to boost economic activities.
He urged members of Parliament to regularly visit their constituencies to interact with people and know their challenges.
“I cannot continue to encourage my members of Parliament to visit their constituencies when am not visiting my constituency, which is Zambia, so those colleagues who are saying there is too much travelling, I’m sorry that is my job,” President Lungu said.
President Lungu said when he visits a province, he does so as the number one civil servant and he has no restrictions on how he should travel as this enables him to know the truth about what is obtaining on the ground regarding government projects.
He also said there is need for the civil servants and Patriotic Front (PF) officials to harmonise their working relationship as there can be no meaningful development if there is friction between the ruling party and the civil service.
PF provincial chairperson Emmanuel Chihili said people in the province appreciate the appointments of people from the region into key government positions such as Army commander Paul Mihova and Inspector-General of Police Kakoma Kanganja, among others.
Mr Chihili also said the ongoing public sittings for the commission of inquiry into the voting patterns and electoral violence has been characterised with misconceptions that they are gathering evidence from the people so that President Lungu can be impeached.

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