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‘I’m impotent, women last thing’

A LUSAKA businessman has denied impregnating a school girl arguing that he is impotent and that women were the last thing on his mind.
John Banda, 35, of Matero township told the Matero Local Court that Ganizani Phiri, 51, was merely after his money.
Phiri sued Banda for making his daughter pregnant and was demanding compensation especially that Phiri’s daughter had even dropped out of school because of the pregnancy.
Phiri complained to senior court magistrate Lewis Mumba that instead of addressing the problem, Banda hurls insults at him saying he is a vulture who wanted to make money out of his daughter’s pregnancy.
“Banda is evil and I will do whatever it takes to teach him a lesson,” Phiri said.
He lamented that Banda has insisted that he will only accept responsibility if he sees results of the DNA test.
“What is even worse is that his father supports what he says. Banda and his family are shameless. They have no conscious yet my daughter is out of school because of Banda,” he complained.
But Banda told the court that he recently moved into Matero township and hardly knows anyone.
“I don’t even know Phiri’s daughter. I think he is trying to take advantage just because we are neighbours,” he claimed.
Passing judgment the court dismissed the claim for compensation.

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