Letter to the Editor

Illegal transfer of teachers to other unions bad

Dear editor,
THE Ministry of General Education should ensure that the payroll is strictly controlled to curb the illegal transfer of teachers from one union to another without their consent.

With the mushrooming of teachers’ unions in Zambia, some unions are desperate for subscriptions, hence using underhand methods to transfer teachers from their bona fide unions to theirs.
The concern by Zambia Congress of Trade Unions director of public relations and international affairs Martin Chembe (Daily Mail, January 7, 2018) is valid and must be taken seriously. I was one of the victims at one time in Chililabombwe, when some unscrupulous union leaders of PETUZ, now BETUZ, transferred me from my one and only union, Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT).
We had to write a lot of correspondence for me to revert to my old union. Please follow procedure when recruiting members.

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