Illegal land developers threaten grave diggers in Chingola

ILLEGAL developers, who have encroached on the Central Cemetery in Chingola on the Copperbelt, are threatening grave diggers with violence,
Town Clerk George Mulenga has said.
Mr Mulenga said in an interview yesterday the high-cost grave site had been invaded by illegal developers.
“Just today (yesterday), the supervisor to our grave diggers was reporting to me that after they dug a few graves half way, they were threatened with violence by people who are claiming part of the cemetery land as their plots,” he said.
Mr Mulenga said the grave diggers would be working in the presence of council police to ensure those involved were brought to book.
He said most of the people who were claiming part of Chingola Cemetery as their plots did not have documents to show that the land was allocated to them by the council.
Mr Mulenga expressed concern over the uprooting of beacons for the cemetery boundary by the suspected illegal land developers who were encroaching on the grave site.
“We will put up some beacons to restrict people from encroaching on the cemetery. We cannot allow the illegalities to continue,” said a visibly disturbed Mr Mulenga.

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