Letter to the Editor

IG should reward Nkwazi players

Dear editor,
INSPECTOR-GENERAL of Police Stella Libongani should motivate the Nkwazi players following the team’s qualification for the final of the Barclays Cup.
The Barclays Cup is the country’s only silverware and Nkwazi have walked their talk this season by performing well above their expectations.
It is not a secret that Nkwazi have always been associated with fighting relegation – which they boldly do so right from the start of the elite league.
They have half the time lost this bid.
However, this season, Police command made a wise choice by engaging one of Zambia’s most experienced trainers in Elijah ‘Barry’ Chikwanda and it has paid off.
Chikwanda, who is ably helped by Albert Mpande, has taken Nkwazi to the heights the Police birds have never been too.
Our plea as supporters is that the IG should go beyond offering the team moral, material and financial support her capable command has rendered to the team so far.
Those boys need jobs. We are aware that the new recruits started training on September 1 but the players who have been training very hard since pre-season are as fit as fiddles and can easily adjust.
Employing them permanently is the appreciation they will never forget.
Madam Libongani may also use the Police Act to engage Chikwanda to be at the level of senior superintendent and Mpande as sergeant.
Hear our plea, IG.

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