Letter to the Editor

IBA has obligation to protect public from yellow journalism

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to commend Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) for suspending licences for some media houses due to breaches.
It is good that the authority has realised that the law empowers them to protect the public from yellow journalism.
Just look at the language of their so-called news analysts, to them insults and unethical reporting is what makes news and one wonders which college they went to.
What IBA has done amounts to an adage of prevention is better than cure. Next polls are just 29 months away and so such actions by IBA are not only timely but a necessary evil needed to protect mother Zambia.
Some media houses appear to be agents of powerful elements that are bent on nothing but to torch Zambia. Who tells them that other people don’t have rights? IBA has a duty to protect this country. l urge IBA to cancel licences of all stations that are breaching the rules. According to the Bible, Jonah was thrown out of the boat that was about to sink in order to save innocent people.

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