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‘I stopped functioning after she shaved me’

AN EIGTHY-ONE-YEAR-OLD man of Buchi township in Kitwe has narrated before the local court how he allegedly stopped functioning after his wife shaved him.

This is in a case in which Lyness Mutwale, 54, sued her husband Abel Mutale, for divorce on grounds that he wanted to sell the couple’s house after he deserted his family for nine years.
Mutwale told Buchi senior local court magistrate Elita Bwalya sitting with Caroline Mbewe that Mutale left the matrimonial home in 2008 and only returned in 2017 with intentions of selling the house.
But Mutale in his defence told the court that he did not desert his wife but had an agreement with her that the couple goes on separation after his private part allegedly stopped functioning after she shaved him.
Mutale said the reason he wanted to sell the house was because after agreeing to separate with his wife, the couple decided to allow the children remain in the house.
He told the court that he wanted to sell off the house so that he could distribute the proceeds among his children.
The two have been married for 26 years and have four children together.
And earlier, Mutwale told the court that Mutale accused her of practising witchcraft after she shaved his private part.
Mutwale refuted claims by her husband that he wanted to sell their house because she was not living in it.
She asked the court to dissolve the marriage and restrain him from selling the house because that is where she stays with her children.
Magistrate Bwalya sitting with magistrate Mbewe granted the couple free divorce and ordered Mutale not to sell the house.


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