I feared for my life

MINISTRY of Works and Supply Permanent Secretary Lenox Kalonde failed to defend controller of government transport Shelly Chatugwa from being harassed by suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadres because he feared for his life.Mr Kalonde said in an interview yesterday that he was terrified and surprised to see a horde of people storm his office, threatening to shoot him and burn down the building.He said at the time of the incident
on Tuesday, he was in a meeting with some officers in the ministry.“When a mob of people besieges your office, there is very little you can do even if you are huge. “Those people came in numbers and I could not recognise any of them, not even Ms Shelly Chatugwa, because all of them were wearing face masks. That is why I decided to remain mute,” Mr Kalonde said.On Tuesday, Ms Chatugwa was manhandled by suspected PF cadres who accused her of frustrating government efforts.Mr Kalonde said his security was equally at stake as he had no idea what else the cadres were capable of doing other than shooting him and burning down the building.He said after the situation normalised, he counselled the suspected cadres on the procedure to follow if they felt aggrieved. “It was at this point that I identified the team leader, Charles Kakula, when he removed his face mask. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to comment much about the matter since it is now in the hands of the police,” Mr Kalonde said.He said going forward, the ministry will put CLICK TO READ MORE

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