I believe in justice


Young & Ambitious:
PRUDENCE Matongo has made up her mind. She wants to be a lawyer.

Prudence, who is in Grade 11 at Mwayasunka Day Secondary School in Chibombo district says she is determined complete her Grade 12 and enrol in university to pursue law.
She believes in justice and that every citizen should have access to justice.
Prudence said, “I am very much interested in the work of the judiciary.”
She said English, Mathematics and Science are some of her favourite subjects at school.
She said the secret to achieving her dream is working hard at school, and this is what she is doing.
She emphasises that she will not allow anything to distract her in her pursuit to be a lawyer so that she can help people to access justice.
“I am working hard at school because I have a passion of being a lawyer and I want to achieve something in life,” she said. “I would like to study and obtain a master’s degree.”
To be in good health and shape, and have a sharp mind, Prudence participates in sports and debates. She also likes singing and poetry.
She is the seventh-born in a family of nine. She said her father, Jonah Isaac Matongo, and mother, Mary, inspire her in life.
She also said her teachers are a source of inspiration because they always encourage her and her fellow pupils to value education and focus on completing their education.
Prudence urges young people to strive to be better and concentrate on their education.

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