Letter to the Editor

‘I am not a mobile money swindler’

Dear editor,
I WRITE to express my grievance and disappointment about a news story published in the Zambia Daily Mail dated November 1, 2018. The story headlined ‘Mobile money fraudsters exposed’ included my name (Boyd Patachongo) as one of the fraudsters of mobile money swindlers, something which I received as a shock because it is a mistaken identity.
I write to refute the allegation set against me. The news is so disturbing not only to me but to my family at large. May I quickly say that all the details cited for me as from my old Facebook page which I opened from 2012 to 2013 are correct and that I still remember that at one point I bought a sim card that I used for a short period of time before I could replace my current one which got lost, but the allegations that I am one of the fraudsters is false news in totality.
I appeal to Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) to thoroughly investigate the matter so that the truth is brought to light. It is my belief that it is only through this, that justice shall prevail.
My full names are Kaluba Boyd Patachongo, a teacher by profession at Ntipo Secondary School, which is 5kms from Isoka boma. I studied natural science at COSETCO, currently Mukaba University, and the University of Zambia. I have no time whatsoever of indulging myself in this criminality because the little knowledge I have acquired so far is helping me to be a responsible citizen and to be loyal to the norms, values and laws of this country, Zambia.
ZICTA should thoroughly investigate the matter so that truth is established.

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