Hunger looms in Limulunga

HUNGER is looming in Limulunga district in Western Province after floods destroyed almost all the rice and maize fields in the area.
The floods, which have affected all the 11 wards, have also left some families homeless after their houses collapsed.
Limulunga district commissioner Litambo Ndombo said in an interview yesterday that the food security in the area has been threatened as most fields have been submerged by the floods.
“We have a number of rice farmers here [Limulunga] but all their efforts have been put to waste as rice can’t produce grain when it’s submerged, a situation which is very unfortunate,” he said.
Mr Ndombo said the matter has been reported to the District Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) for quick intervention.
And Mr Ndombo said that most of the wards have been cut off from the rest of the districits after the bridges collapsed.

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