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Hunger looms in Gwembe

OVER 20,000 households in Gwembe  are likely to be hit by hunger following a long dry spell that has dried up maize and cotton fields in the area.
The most affected areas include Syabbamba, Mabula, Syampande and Sompani where maize crops that had tussled dried up following a drought that lasted over a fortnight.
Chief Chipepo of Gwembe, in an interview yesterday described the development as worrisome and that it needs Government’s immediate attention.
“For the past three weeks, many parts of Gwembe, especially those in the valley, have not been receiving rains.
It’s a very sad situation because maize fields have dried, there’s nothing to harvest this year. Residents in the valley have no food,” he said.
Chief Chipepo appealed to Government to send officers to assess the hunger in the area, which he said is in dire need of relief food.
“I am appealing to the vice-president through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit to send relief food here because the number of hunger-stricken households is likely to increase in the next two months,” he said.

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