Human-animal conflict rife in Chama

CHAMA district commissioner Leonard Ngoma says the human-animal conflict in Chama in Muchinga Province is rife with some wild animals terrorising villages and attacking livestock belonging to the farmers in the area.

Mr Ngoma said in an interview yesterday that dangerous animals such as lions usually terrorise people in Chief Kambombo’s area and attack goats, pigs and cattle, which are a source of livelihood for the farmers in the area.

He said Chama is in a game management area (GMA) and that wild animals usually stray in villages, where they eat livestock.
“Just two weeks ago in Chama-North, we had cases of lions eating goats in Chief Kambombo’s area, so the problem of human-animal conflict is serious in our district,” Mr Ngoma said.
Mr Ngoma said Chama has a nature park where animals such as elephants, lions and buffaloes are found but they often stray in neighbouring villages.
He has since engaged the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to control and monitor the movement of wild animals in the area to ensure that they do not terrorise villages.
Mr Ngoma said the officers from the department are patrolling the area to ensure that wildlife does not stray in the neighbouring villages.
“We had a meeting with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife and they have assured us that they are going to be conducting patrols in villages to ensure that the wild animals do not terrorise livestock,” he said.


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