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How to keep babies warm in cold season

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BABIES lose heat more rapidly than adults. It is therefore, good practice to dress them with an extra layer than you would wear during the cold season.
When a mum is wearing just a winter coat over her clothing, a baby ought to wear its outfit, a sweater and a coat on top.
Make sure you dress children in several warm layers that can be put on or taken off easily.
Dress infants and children warmly for outdoor activities.
Several thin layers will keep them dry and warm.
Don’t forget warm boots, gloves or mittens, and a hat, depending on how the temperatures are.
Dressing babies for a chilly winter day can be tricky because for very small babies, it is difficult they can’t tell you if they’re comfortable, as mums have a tendency to overdo it.
A couple of layers are good for a baby who’s spending the day inside. Start with a bodysuit and add a top layer such as a fleece.
If you opt for pants and a top, socks under booties will keep those tiny toes warm.
Sleep smart
Dressing your baby for sleep is especially important. Staying on the cool side is better than overdoing it because babies sleep better when they are comfortable. A bodysuit and footed pyjamas are a must depending on the temperature of the room. You can also do with a sleep sack or a cotton swaddling blanket.
Car seat
Snug blankets around your baby after he has buckled up into his car seat, not before. If you live in a very cold climate, consider buying a car seat liner to keep your baby warm while commuting.
Stroller bag
Cosy stroller bags are a snuggly way to keep your baby warm while you are out for a walk. Lined with fleece, these sleeping bag-style buntings have openings on the bottom that allow the straps to be threaded through and buckled.
Hats, mittens, hoods
Your little one’s head and hands need to be protected from the cold. A cosy hat that covers the ears and has a chin strap is a smart choice. Tug mittens over your baby’s hands if they are exposed. Some infant bodysuits have tiny hand-covers at the cuffs, which will do the trick as well.
With these tips I have shared from Mom 365 website, I am sure that you will not have a problem looking after your baby this coming winter.
Have a blessed weekend.
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