Letter to the Editor

How many residents are ready to change their attitude?

Dear editor,
A LOT of us share positive things happening in the small East African country of Rwanda, a country now being seen as a shining example of African progress.
However, how many of us would be ready to do what people in Rwanda have done to take the country to where it is today?
Take for instance the issue of cleaning up their capital city, Kigali. How many Lusakans are ready to change their attitude toward littering? All I see is someone blaming the council and other people for the uncollected garbage. How many people pay Lusaka City Council land rates on time?
Just yesterday I met someone at Fringilla in Chisamba who was driving a big car. I went into the toilet after him. Imagine this. The man had left the toilet seat and floor wet. I won’t say much about the smell of the urine.
What is the point? To make a city or country clean requires support of everyone. How many Lusakans would be ready to leave their cars once in a month and walk or cycle to work? How many Kitweans join in the monthly cleaning programme?

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