How being unfaithful can emotionally kill our partners

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
HER friends told her that he had multiple partners but she trusted him so much that she dismissed the talk on having a cheating partner. All she ever did was wait home for him to visit. Her life revolved around her boyfriend.
One of her friends advised that even if she did not believe what she was hearing, she should observe his pattern, such as whether he gave her the same undivided attention as in the initial stage.
Though with a doubt, she did as she was advised. She began to look back at how their relationship was initially and how things stood currently. She began to observe some differences. She wanted to ignore the fact that he was no longer treating her the way he used to.
She was an indoor person and all she could do was wait on her man to show up. Little did she know that he was busy out there with other women. Her friends advised her to get out of her shell and have a life. Reluctantly, she did. What she found out there shocked her.
The first shock was when she was at a function where she found a group of women discussing how much of a player her boyfriend was. The group of women did not know that one of his many girlfriends was in their midst. She played along as so much data was being revealed about her boyfriend. She tried to put up a face but all in vain.
The next shocker was from her boyfriend’s workmate. She had never met him before but when she learnt that he worked at the same institution as her boyfriend, she quickly asked if the two knew each other. Her boyfriend’s workmate giggled and began to talk about how women at the office fight for the man she was asking about.
Besides all the talk, she still gave it a benefit of doubt. She did not ask her boyfriend about it but began to look at him in a different light. Her friends advised her to move on, but how could she? She still loved the man.
It was a Saturday night and her girlfriends convinced her to go out with them. When she arrived at a nightclub, she noticed his car in the car park. She was excited and could not wait to go in to surprise him. However, her girlfriends advised her not to rush to find him but to first check who he was with. She saw him and he was not alone. He was in the company of three women and a man. She consoled herself that the women were mere friends until she saw him flirting with one of the women. She was overwhelmed with emotions and did not know whether to cry or to approach him. She decided not to lower herself and walked out of the nightclub.
The man, oblivious of what had happened, appeared the following day and acting the same usual way. She decided not to ask him anything because he would find a lie to convince her that it was not what she thought.
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