Letter to the Editor

How about K3m for each province?

Dear editor,
I HOPE the National Arts Council will consider a K3 million for each province, unlike the K30 million only targeting the Lusaka and Copperbelt youths. I also wish that the amounts be given to cooperatives, either five or 10 youths. Artists in the fashion industry can buy sewing machines.
Artists in the visual arts can draw paintings. Those in the movie industry can create local movies which can be aired on our TV channels. Artists in the music industry can compose an album of 10 songs.
Artists in the photography industry can also buy cameras and set up studios.
The amount to be given must be in two standard notches, i.e K5,000, and K10,000.
I do not expect NAC to use any amount of the K30 million for logistics such as transport or lunch allowances because that amount is meant for youth empowerment and not running costs of the council. Furthermore, I hope a monthly list of beneficiaries will be published in print media for accountability.
Finally, NAC must be very objective with the age that defines a youth (15-35 years).
Equally the law enforcement wings must also deal with those individuals who may try to lie about being youths.
I wish you well and I thank you.

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