How a bug brought world to its knees

THE timeline for the COVID-19 in Germany can be traced back to just about the middle of January 2020.
The year started well with all economic prospects pointing to yet another good year of growth in Europe’s largest economy, the fourth in the world.
The Zambian situation had also looked up at the start of the year, with Minister of Finance Bwalya Ng’andu setting the GDP growth scale at about 3.2 percent and inflation to remain on a single-digit mark.
But that was before the death bug swept across the globe from Wuhan in China to Berlin and right into my beautiful country, Zambia.
On March 27, Dr Ng’andu took a bold move to downgrade the GDP projection growth from 3.0 to about 2.0 percent due to the bug.
Everyone was deeply scarred by the vicious bug that brought the globe to its knees, changing the very essence of life, business and everything else as we CLICK TO READ MORE

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