How 26 perished in Katima Mulilo pontoon tragedy

THE Sikuka pontoon on the Zambezi River

IN one of the most horrific tragedies which befell this nation over the last 60 years, 26 people drowned and 30 others jumped out when a Zambezi River Transport (ZRT) bus plunged into the Zambezi River near Sesheke, Western Province, following a Katima Mulilo pontoon accident on September 9, 1974.
Among the dead was Maimbolwa Sakubita, Member of Parliament for Kalabo and former Minister of State during the  UNIP administration. About 60 people were on board the bus at the time.
Those who escaped the disaster was a Zambia Daily Mail employee, Godfrey Silyezo, who was on his way to Lusaka from leave.
Another 30 passengers managed to get out of the bus before it plunged into the river. A businessman described how he escaped death in the Katima Mulilo bus disaster.
Mwiya Nasilele, a bar owner in Kalabo district, Western Province, told the Zambia Daily Mail in Livingstone that he was thrown out of a broken window of the bus by a water current, while the bus was settling on the river bed before he was helped to safety.
He was sitting near Mr Sakubita when the bus plunged into the CLICK TO READ MORE

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