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Horns of wax: Focus on your purpose

Spider’s web: CHEELA CHILALA
A PARTY was held in the animal kingdom, but it was emphasised that only horned animals were allowed to attend. Kalulu the hare wanted to attend the party, but he was not allowed as he had no horns. He thought of a solution: he used wax to make artificial horns. As the party was held at night, he was able to fool the other animals into believing he was horned. There was a bonfire and plenty to eat and drink and he enjoyed himself. As the night wore on Kalulu’s horns slowly melted because of the heat of the fire, exposing him as an impostor and gate-crasher. Realising he was a fake, the horned animals kicked him out.
There are some lessons we may learn from this Kalulu story. Firstly, Kalulu was so obsessed with the desire to enjoy the party that he resorted to crooked means. There are some people who, envious of others who are “making it” or “enjoying life,” resort to crooked means to obtain a semblance of success. They want to be seen to be part of the crowd of the successful, those who have made it or are on the up-and-up. However, wealth obtained through honest means is the best because you can be proud of it and enjoy it without looking over your shoulder.
Secondly, Kalulu should have accepted the fact that the party was for horned animals only. In order to be successful in life, it is important to realise that our success lies in, and depends on, what we really are, not what we are not, pretend to be or wish we were. If you have no horns, thank God because you were meant to be un-horned. In other words, accept what you are and live according to what you are. There is a reason why you do not have the gifts or talents of your neighbour, or why you are gifted differently.
You are purpose-built by God: you can only succeed in doing those things which fit in the purpose of your existence. You are unique. Has it ever occurred to you that out of the billions of people on earth, not one is exactly like you? And if no one is exactly like you, then no one is meant to fulfil the purpose for which you exist, just like you cannot fulfil the purpose for which another person exists.
Thirdly, Kalulu did not realise that the horns of wax could not last forever. The horns were not real, he was fooling himself more than he was fooling the other animals. It was all about keeping up appearances. You see, artificial achievements do not last – they are just cosmetic. Yet we sometimes invest in horns of wax which melt with the passage of time: living beyond our means, for instance. Getting a loan from Bayport or the bank just for consumption purposes – like buying a car you cannot even manage to maintain, or renting a house whose rent you cannot even afford – instead of facing the reality of your situation.
I once knew a fellow who would move from office to office asking for money to buy fuel to take him back home, and that on a daily basis!
Instead of investing time and resources in horns of wax – those things that are just meant to impress others or fool them into thinking we too are “classy” or “successful” we must invest into our strengths and abilities.
You can only succeed in life if you pursue what is within the purpose for which you exist. You cannot gate-crash into the realm of success because success is a process, not a one-day marvel. You need self-acceptance and patience.

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