Hope renewed as Kitwe gets TB hospital

TUBERCULOSIS (TB) is one of the diseases that health personnel on the Copperbelt are grappling with.
According to the Ministry of Health, 1,200 people per 100,000 of the population suffer from the disease.
However, management of the disease has been a challenge in the province because some health institutions lack facilities to effectively treat the disease.
In some health institutions, there are no TB wards to admit patients while others lack capacity when it comes to diagnosing the disease using x-rays and laboratory tests.
Oftentimes patients suspected to have TB are referred to other health institutions within or outside the town to seek the services.
In Kitwe, Kitwe Teaching Hospital (KTH), which has a huge catchment area has no TB ward.
The patients are usually referred to Ndola Teaching Hospital (NTH)for admission, especially those with MDR-TB.
MDR TB (multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis) is a form of tuberculosis infection caused by bacteria that are CLICK TO READ MORE

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