Hope for vanguards of culture

THE species in and around Lake Tanganyika have historically been an integral part of the culture of the Lungu and other tribes around the lake.

DANIEL SIKAZWE, Khanty-Mansisky, Russia
ON THE banks of Lake Tanganyika, in Zambia’s northernmost town of Mpulungu, a small group of haggard-looking elders sat under a mango tree on a hot October afternoon. They were hosting a team of journalists and development experts who were visiting them to understand how best the indigenous people could be helped to return Lake Tanganyika and its surrounding environs to the conditions of greater providence.
Kapembwa Sikazwe, the headman of a local village, was first to unravel the problems faced by the people living around one of the deepest lakes in the world.
“We are always losing everything,” he said. “The soil, the fish and the ways of the land. We don’t know what our grandchildren will survive on. And when it comes to culture, I can guarantee, there will be nothing. Nothing.”http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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