Homeless, hopeless, few options

A WALL fence under construction to enclose the 150-acre piece of land.

EMOTIONS of desolation can vividly be seen on their faces as they stare at today’s deadline to vacate the houses they have occupied for many years.
The houses involved are 48 and the families are 110. They are mostly former workers of TAP Zambia, the roof-making company whose problems were compounded following the closure of the asbestos mines in Zimbabwe – the source of its raw materials for the asbestos it was manufacturing.
The houses and land they are occupying were purchased by Alasia Construction Limited, a subsidiary of Lamasat Investment, about six years ago. It is Alasia which gave them the deadline of today to vacate the houses.
But few of them have moved as they have been hoping that the new owner of the houses and land will have a change of heart and offer them the opportunity of buying the houses at an agreed price. Whether they have the money to afford them is another matter.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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