Homecoming show for Kantu

KANTU performing at Choma Hotel on Saturday. pictures PICTURE: JIMMY CHIBUYE

KANTU is one of the most impressive female singers on the local front who many music fans would pay a fair amount for them to watch her perform live.Yet, when she checked in at Choma Hotel last Saturday, the attendance was a little disappointing. This was so despite some fair publicity that was done.
Well, it is their loss.
This was supposed to be a homecoming show. Yet, few people were home to welcome her.
Being a professional she went about her business performing songs like Anajaila, Mungeli, Alangizi, Koneki, Undecided, Million and Lonely.
To keep the show live and fun, the Zambian Music Award and Born ‘n’ Bread nominee took selfies and interacted with her fans before finally exiting the stage after a performance that took over half an hour.
Before she went on stage, Choma-based Mpande and Smack Jay tried their best to keep the people ‘warm’ and obviously holding on to the stage to wait for more revellers before the main event.
Mpande, best known for his hit song Ikapaala, sampled some songs from his next album such as Hold My Hand, Ma Pressure and Mbichana Mbichana.
Meanwhile, reggae dancehall artiste T-Bwoy (Tanonga Nswana) has recorded a remix of Ubaba Mutima, a song he originally recorded and released over five years ago.
The remix, produced by dancehall artiste-cum producer T-Sean, was mixed and mastered at Busy Baila International Studios.
The laid back tune, recorded on strictly live instruments, is the artistes follow up to his Dweet album and the One Day collaboration album with T-Sean.
In the song, T Bwoy is talking about how much his heart is in pain because he cannot find someone who can love him back the same way he does.
“I decided to do a remix to the song because it is one of those songs that soothe and has the power to grip someone’s attention. It does not in any way depict what I am going through, but what I sing about somebody somewhere has passed through,” T-Bwoy, who recently became a father to a baby girl, told the Weekend Mail.

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