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HIV self-testing kit to reduce infections

HIV result.

MINISTRY of Health permanent secretary Peter Mwaba says the HIV self-testing kit which will first be piloted in Lusaka will help curb the spread of HIV and AIDS in Zambia.
Dr Mwaba said in an interview after undergoing an HIV test that the testing kit, which will be available classesin Zambia next month (May, will allow people to conduct tests on their own.
He said four clinics have since been identified in Lusaka where the pilot project for HIV self-testing kits will be distributed over a period of time.
“The project will run over a period of time. Once it is successful, it will be rolled out to other parts of the country. Zambians should come forward and participate in the HIV self-testing kit project,” Dr Mwaba said.
Dr Mwaba said more than 200,000 people would be enrolled in phase one of the pilot project in four clinics in Lusaka. The ministry is yet to identify the clinics that will be used for the project.
“I have undergone an HIV test myself and I have been given the results. I hope that many Zambians will develop a habit of checking their status regularly, because it is the only way they can lead a healthy life,’’ he said.
Dr Mwaba noted that people who know their status avoid engaging in illicit sex because they want to lead a healthy life.
He said with the introduction of the self-testing kits in Zambia, many people will know their status and those who will test positive will be immediately put on anti-retroviral drugs.
Dr Mwaba said the 14 percent prevalence rate in Zambia means that 86 percent of Zambians are HIV- negative.
He however said many people end up exposing themselves to the virus; they take it for granted that because they had engaged in unprotected sex before, they could be HIV-positive.

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