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Hindu association to construct clinic in Kabwe

INCREASED access to maternal and child health services aims to reduce mortality rates by two-thirds and maternal mortality rate up to three quarters.

THE Kabwe Hindu Association will construct a children’s ward at Kabwe’s Mahatma Gandhi Clinic at a cost of  K500, 000.
Kabwe Hindu Association chairman Anil Desai says the construction of the ward is part of commemorating Zambia’s golden Jubilee, which fell on October 24, 2014.
Mr Desai said the ward will have a bed capacity of between 10 and 12 and his association’s decision to embark on the project follows requests by the community to expand the clinic.
“Seeing that we have reached 50 years of independence, the members [Kabwe Hindu Association] felt that this is something which we should do for the community,” Mr Desai said in an interview.
Mr Desai said Kabwe Hindu Association constructed Mahatma Gandhi Clinic in the 1970s to mark the centenary of Mahatma Gandhi, who led India to independence.
He said Mahatma Gandhi Clinic operates on a 24 hour basis, adding that the population around the clinic has over the past years increased, thereby leading to demand for more health services.
He said construction of the ward will commence soon after completion of the wall fence to secure the facility, which is experiencing an increase in cases of theft.
“The project will start soon when the wall fence is completed to improve security,” Mr Desai said. “We are likely to spend in the range of between K450, 000 to K500, 000.”
He also said his association will fund the drilling of a new borehole at the clinic to improve water supply system.
Mr Desai also said members of his association are happy to be associated with the celebrations of Zambia’s Golden Jubilee and contribute to the provision of health services to communities.
He is, however, concerned that future expansions at Mahatma Gandhi Clinic will be hampered by limited space.

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