Higher educational policy speaks to varsities

THE policy provides for a clear shift from concentrating only on academic competences to also focusing on enhancing the development of well-rounded and responsible learners. Picture right, inadequate funding of public universities has led to interruption of academic activities.

LAST month, Government launched the National Higher Educational Policy through which it hopes to develop the country’s human capital.
The policy forms part of the key implementation documents for the Human Development Cluster and will be implemented through the Education and Skills Sector Plan (ESSP) and institutional strategic plans.
The outstanding call imbedded in the National Higher Educational Policy is for institutions of higher learning, especially the public ones, to deeply delve into research and consultancy to garner own resources for operations and sustenance instead of depending on grants from government.
As demand for tertiary education continues to rise, pressure has been mounting on institutions of higher learning to initiate innovative ways of mobilising resources to sustain their operations.
The demand for people to upgrade their college and university qualifications is attributed to a number of factors; the increasing population, the changing needs of the industry, and the overstretched learning facilities among others.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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