HH calls for hard work


UNITED Party for National Development president Hakainde Hichilema has advised youths to utilise the abundant natural resources for entrepreneurship to contribute to national development.
Mr Hichilema said there are a lot of income-generating activities that can be undertaken using the abundant land and water bodies that the country is endowed with.
“My encouragement to women and youths is, let us work hard, let us use the assets which God gave us. God gave Zambia land which should not be given to the Chinese,” he said.
Speaking in an interview, Mr Hichilema said he is seeking leadership so that he could encourage Zambians to be productive so that they can sustain their families.
Mr Hichilema advised Zambians not to dwell on petty jealous as it will not lead to development.
He said there is need to promote the culture of hard work among … READ MORE

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